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We have many standard dies to make rounds, ovals, round corners, door hangers, etc. For non-standard shapes, we can make a die for you. Alternatively, if you have your own die, you can bring it to us, and we’ll die cut your product.


For non-standard shapes, you need to supply us with the die to use, or the shape that we’ll be using to create the die for you.


Having your own shape(s) is a great way to differentiate yourself from the crowds. Some of the dies we have created for our clients include:

  • a bone,
  • a car,
  • a car tyre,
  • a service van,
  • a house…

When you ask us to make you a die, this die is yours. Even if you ask us to keep the die on our premises for future use, you can rest assured that we will not use it for another customer.


How much might die cutting cost?

The cost of die cutting with an existing die (whether ours, or yours), depends essentially on the quantity to be die cut.

If a die needs to be made, then you need to add the one-time price of the die itself. A die starts from $75 only (for a simple, 1-up die), and can go to $300+ (for a complex, possibly multiple-up die).

The life expectancy of a die is around 500,000 impressions. This means that you’ll likely keep it for many years.

Please contact us for a quote.

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