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Envelopes pre-printed with your company’s corporate identity will make your company’s mail stand out.

The most common types of envelopes are described below. For more specific envelopes, or in case of doubt, please contact us.

Type Size (H x W) Description
#10 4.125″ x 9.5″ This is the standard business sized envelope. It will hold a folded letter size document.
#9 3.875″ x 8.875″ This envelope will also hold a folded letter size document. It is commonly used for a reply envelope that can be sent along inside a #10 envelope for your recipients to use to mail something back to you.
#8 3.625″ x 8.625″ This envelope is commonly referred to as a business payment envelope, because it holds a business sized cheque without the need to fold it.
Window A window envelope is a conventional envelope with a plastic window to allow the recipient’s address printed on the document contained within the envelope to be visible.
Security A security envelope is a conventional envelope with a special pattern that opacifies it and protects its content from prying eyes.


All we need to print your envelopes is your artwork.

Tips & techniques

If you want to make your mail stand out even more, you can personalize it with variable data printing.


Do you print the envelopes digitally or on an offset press? We commonly print the envelopes on an offset press, as digital printers tend to wrinkle the envelopes a little (because of the air “trapped” inside the envelopes). Also, digital printers tend to melt the plastic of the window envelopes (window envelopes for digital printers do exist, but they do come at a premium price).

Can you print on the flaps of the envelopes? Yes, we can.

Can I supply my own envelopes? We would prefer if you didn’t. While you may indeed find cheaper envelopes at some low cost stores, these envelopes are just not meant to be used on an offset press. They often jam the press because of their irregular size and/or glue. So you end up losing the money you saved on the envelopes to the extra press operator time required to run your job. And you end up with lower quality envelopes in the end.

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