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Personalized greeting cards are a great way to show your clients, your friends or your family, that they are special and deserve more than a mass-produced greeting card. While they are commonly used for special occasions, such as Christmas, weddings, birthdays, etc., you can also use them to simply say “thank you”, or express a feeling.

Greeting cards are folded, as opposed to postcards.

The generally accepted greeting card is 7″ wide, and 10″ high, unfolded, or vice-versa, but other formats do exist.


All we need to print your greeting cards is your artwork.

Tips & techniques

Don’t hesitate to decorate the back of your card. From a printing perspective, the front and the back of the card are on the same side, and, as such, printing on the front and on the back won’t cost you more than printing on the front alone.


Can I buy cards from one of the chain stores and bring them to you for printing? You can, but you must keep 2 things at mind:

  • if the stock is not smooth, we will have to print your cards using an offset press; this will cost more,
  • you need to provide us with a few more cards than you wish to have at hand eventually, as some cards may be damaged in the printing process.

Can I have a greeting card of a non-standard size? You can, but usually you will need an envelope to go with your greeting card, and a non-standard card may not fit nicely in a standard envelope.

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