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We can overprint using one of our offset presses on stock that you supply to us, using artwork that you supply to us.

Note that not all stock material is suitable for offset overprinting, and that we reserve the right to refuse stock which may cause problems. Possible causes for problems include but are not limited to: the material itself, its irregular size, its unevenness (in the presence of grommets, for example).


You need to supply the stock and the artwork that needs to be overprinted on your stock. But not all stock material is suitable for offset overprinting. In doubt, please contact us.


You run an Association, a Church, a Community, a Business, etc. You have a big audience and you organize many events. You have a template that you use for most/all of your events. You print your template in a quantity that is most cost effective for you, leaving blank only the portion that relates to the particulars of the event, such as date, time, place… These particulars are then overprinted when they become known, and only in the required number.


We will store your templates in our facility if you have us perform both their printing and overprinting (certain conditions apply; contact us for details).

We also offer digital overprinting; see the Questions section below for more information on digital overprinting.


How does offset overprinting compare to digital overprinting?

Offset comes with a higher setup cost than digital, but with a lower run cost than digital. This means that offset is generally more suitable for long runs, and digital is usually more suitable for short runs (with a run being defined as the number of impressions made of the same information).

Run length is not, however, the only reason why you might want to resort to offset printing/overprinting. Some stocks, such as textured stocks, cannot be printed/overprinted using digital equipment (because the toner does not “stick” to the grooves). Some colours, especially metallic colours such as silver and gold, do not render well when produced using digital equipment.

Provided that the restrictions on stock and colour mentioned before are satisfied, digital overprinting is more suitable over offset overprinting when:

  • the number of templates to be overprinted is low, or
  • the information to be overprinted is variable (example: names & addresses)

Please contact us, if in any doubt. We have both digital and offset equipment to help you meet your requirements.

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