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X frame banners are great for trade shows and presentations. They are cost effective, lightweight, and easy to setup or take down.

Our X frame banners come with:

  • a lightweight X frame unit,
  • a carrying bag,
  • a full colour vinyl matte banner with grommets on all 4 corners.

The banner is one sided, and measures 23.6″ x 63″ (W x H). It is replaceable.



  • Your artwork must be 23.6″ x 63″ (W x H). We can help you with your design, if you need it.

Tips & techniques

The X frame banner is convenient because you can change your message easily by just changing the vinyl. If your message is more permanent, or if you need to spend as little time as possible on setting up or taking down your display, then you should consider a pull-up banner instead. With the pull-up system, the vinyl banner is rolled into the stand, so it is very easy and quick to setup or take down. A pull-up system is however more expensive, and the vinyl banner is not replaceable.


Can I have a glossy vinyl instead of a matte vinyl?

Unfortunately, no. The matte vinyl has proven to give the best results for these banners, so it’s the only one that we offer.

Can the banner be used outdoors?

This system is meant to be used indoors only. It is not meant to resist to the elements such as the wind, the rain, the snow, etc.

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